Quotes For Every Day Of The Week

Monday - 

She turned her can'ts into cans, and her dreams into plans - Unknown


Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself & a little less time trying to impress people - The Breakfast Club


If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely - Roald Dahl


 Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever - Mahatma Gandhi


Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind - Dr Suess 


Be yourself. Everyone else is taken - Oscar Wilde


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself - Coco Chanel

I chose these quotes because they are quotes that I have loved for a long time and mean a lot to me. I find these quotes really inspirational and they make me think about life and myself a bit more, I hope they make you think too. If you have any quotes that you love I would love to know about them so that I can make another week of quotes at some point.

See you soon,
Mae xoxo

50 Little Things About Me

1) My name is Mae
2) I was born and raised in England, UK
3) My favourite author is Cecilia Ahern and my favourite book by her is If You Could See Me Now (Comment if you want me to do a review)
4) I hate the squeaky sound of most thin plastic or really clean glass.
5) I once binge-watched the whole of Grey's Anatomy (up to season 12) in one half term
6) I have had 4 dogs, 2 mice and a rabbit for pets in my whole life
7) Roast chicken is my favourite food but I still want to become a vegetarian.
8) One of my main goals in life is to study Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University and become a revolutionary veterinary surgeon.
9) In Year 4, I did a 40 page project on oak trees and that's how I discovered my favourite tree.
10) I love singing - especially in my kitchen because it has amazing acoustics
11) My guilty pleasure is Glee - I'm completely obsessed!!
12) Piano is my favourite musical instrument which I learnt to play from when I was about 5
13) On a similar note, I love the piano piece 'Fur Elise' but my hands are too small to reach an octave to play it :(
14) Naked3 palette is my favourite eyeshadow palette even though I can't actually afford it
15) Fight Song by Rachel Platten is the most relatable song for me at the moment.
16) I have a dozen half made craft projects in a box labelled 'TBC' that have been there for at least 2-3 years
17) I have a collection of about 13 speed cubes (like Rubik's cubes) and I can solve all of them.
18) I also have a collection of nearly 30 classical books that predate 1940 and the oldest is from 1864
19) The huge picture collage on my bedroom wall is one of my favourite things I have ever made
20) My bedroom is normally completely unorganized except from my bookcase, which is always perfectly ordered by colour and looks absolutely beautiful.
21) The only time I have ever been stung by an insect was when I picked up a dead wasp by accident when I was 12
22) Bubble and Squeak were the names of my 2 pet mice
23) I love The Sims 4 but always get bored after a while because it gets too repetitive, if you have any suggestions of fun challenges or different things to do I would love to know.
24) I once had a YouTube and Twitch account for playing minecraft with some of my old friends
25) Damon Salvatore (from The Vampire Diaries) is my favourite male character on TV
26) Lexie Grey (from Grey's Anatomy) is my all-time favourite character on TV
27) I am either really outgoing or incredibly shy, it depends on how much I like you.
28) Quotes really inspire me and I once covered my wardrobe door with my favourite ones
29) The smell of freshly baked bread takes me to my happy place
30) I am an amateur photographer and I only use my phone camera but am hoping to get a proper camera soon
31) My style is described by most of my friends as 'hipster'. Basically I wear beanies and burgundy most of the time
32) I am mostly nocturnal and have most of my best ideas late at night (probably why I am writing this at 00:19am)
33) My dog is basically my baby and she is one of the most important things in my world
34) I find the human body fascinating and love learning biology
35) I love having painted nails but I can't paint my own and it only takes me about an hour to accidentally chip them all
36) I have a huge passion for skiing but just don't get the opportunity to go anymore
37) I have had the same two favourite books for 3 years and I still can't find anything to top them
38) Team sports and I do not have a great relationship but I  love general cardio exercise and running
39) I have a secret tree den in my garden that I made when I was little so that I could read in peace
40) Interior design is my passion and I have a whole scrapbook dedicated to it.
41) I also love the architecture of houses and that is also in my scrapbook
42) Near my house is a tree with a large hole in the side where i used to read every day of the summer
43) My favourite makeup product was a lip stain by Rimmel but I have never found it since I bought my first one.
44) I live in skinny jeans but I also have a burgundy skater skirt which is my favourite piece of clothing
45) I have always been short and that's why I have 2 pairs of heeled ankle boots that I wear constantly
46) Slither.io is my worst way of procrastination
47) My earliest memory is my uncle giving me a pink scooter
48) My favourite kinds of jewelry are small chained necklaces with dainty pendants
49) I want to get a small meaningful tattoo on the back of my neck when I'm old enough
50) It took me way longer to think of these than I thought it would

Well done! If you read all of these then you know way more about me than most people.
If you have any questions or want me to make a blog post about any of these comment below or get in touch with me here.

See you soon,
Mae xoxo